Club Promo Video

We are proud to release our first promotional Video of our Club, Kuwait Challengers Toastmasters. As the president of Kuwait Challengers, im honored by the efforts and dedication of our members, TM Cajetan and his team and all those that participated in the making of our club video. Special Thanks to our leaders in taking time out and participating in helping us achieve this. Much Thanks to all our members who have waited patiently after meeting hours for multiple takes/ retakes to ensure we have the best displayed into the video. Its a great way to end this year 2017, with a highlight of our activities and the success of our members.

Video Cast and Direction


  • TM Fatma Abdullah
  • DTM Alka Kumra
  • TM Christy K
  • DTM Anil Lobo
  • DTM John Joseph
  • TM Raymond Pereira
  • TM Deepak Bhatia
  • TM Ali Negaresh
  • TM Priscilla Barretto
  • Members of Kuwait Challengers and support from members of other toastmasters clubs in Kuwait

Director and Editing
TM Cajetan Barretto

Photo / Video credits : Kuwait Challengers / TM Cajetan Barretto